Wekelijks mijn nieuwsbrief ontvangen?


The End of shops was published in june 2013. The book was a bestseller in The Netherlands and is updated specially for the UK market with international examples. Analyses show that one of every three shops will go out of business in the coming two years. Internet and new shopping centers are killers. What is happing? what can be done? and what will the future bring? This book is party based on research and party based on practical experience. A must for very retailer, consultant and marketing professional. More information
The English version of the book eMarketing is published by Routledge. This book is in the Dutch version widely used on Academic level and for professional eMarketing studies like for the NIMA exams of the Dutch Institute of Marketing. A comprehensive studybook about the evolution of marketing, Information Technology and Internet, the impact of internet and IT on marketing and future developments.
Books give a good reflection of the transformation which takes place: a digital transformation in our lives, private and business. Untill now I wrote 19 books, of which the most recent ones are also concerned about the impact of internet on customer behavior and the challenges of (web)shops. In 2001 in the Future of Marketing, I gave an overview of all developments, possibilities and changes of internet and web-shopping and concluded with practical hints and tricks. This book is also published in Spanish.
In 2009 the book Shopping 3.0 analysed the new shopping behavior based on internet. A shopping model was presented (the ORCA model) in which shoppers will first go to internet before they decide about the product and about the place where to buy: in the shop or on the net. A new customer behavior which will challenge the existing retail.

For the academic world the book emarketing was written. An analyses of the development of IT, marketing and internet and how developments came together in 2008. The book eMarketing is not only an analyses of development, but gives also inside knowledge about the present and the near future of marketing. Where are the challenges and why is a transformation of marketing needed. From a supply driven approach to a deman driven approach. How the web will change the business, the buying behavior and of course marketing.