Wekelijks mijn nieuwsbrief ontvangen?


Our lives are changing rapidly: markets transform to webbased suppliers platforms, customers are less loyal than before, but better informed than ever. Shops, suppliers and services providers have to changes their “business model” to survive. They have to redefine their value for their buyers and other stakeholders. The impact of internet is obvious and will lead to a dramatic transformation of all aspects of our lives.

What are the changes and what are the treats and opportunities? Should a company change or just optimize the opportunities? Is a competitive advantage still possible in the near future? This can only be analysed by an outside-in approach. Looking at buyers value and looking for collaborations and affiliates. An out-of-the-box approach, looking at the buying process and international developments, based on vision, acadcemc reasearch and practical know-how. A close cooperation between us as consultant and our “clients”. In all assignments Prof Dr C.N.A. Molenaar is heavily involved and leading the process based on excperience, knowledge, vision and academic research.

Social area’s of interest are:

  • The developments of practical applications of technology: information systems, location based services, RFID applications and other “identifiers”, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Webbased possibilities for consumers and suppliers, the search for information, the impact of social media, the buying process, the possibilities of video’s and the possibilities of internet in shops and shops on internet (NFC,LBS and QR codes).
  • Veranderingen in branches, zoals dienstverlening, verzekeringen, banken en retail (zowel de winkels als webwinkels)
  • The impact of Internet (pragmatic and realistic)
  • New business models, new communication opportunities and loyalty aspects
  • What will the future bring and how to react (the Sostac approach).