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eXQuo Consultancy

eXQuo consultancy is a strategy consultancy agency in the field of information technology applications in marketing. The use of the Internet is one of the key points of interest. The consultancy is based on the preferred relationship with the customer. Therefore, the customer (profile) as well as his / her behaviour should (become or) be known. The customer-oriented strategy (Customer Relationship Management) can be based on the aforementioned. Topics which are of importance include direct communication, Internet and websites, analyses and segmentation. However, specifically this customer-oriented approach also requires testing of the organisation (form and structure), of the business model, and possibly the management of commercial processes. This is why a strategic approach is used. By specifically integrating the Internet, an overall view of the customer and the marketing strategy can be concluded. As such strategies developed in the past include strategies for KLM (Flying Dutchman), KPN (Internet strategy), SNS Bank (Call Centres), Aegon (Internet strategy).

Strategy from concept to implementation

The assignments are implemented by Prof Dr C.N.A. Molenaar. At times the support of RSM Erasmus Universiteit students is used (mainly in relation to analyses), or colleague agencies (for change projects and interim management). However, mostly there is an intensive cooperation with the principal, resulting whereof the knowledge is “implanted” in the organisation, which leads to a quick acceptations and a long-lasting success.