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His teaching commitment is: to research changes which arise from the application of information technology in marketing and the behaviour of the people. Apart from research he is also responsible for an individual optional subject eMarketing, within the standard Masters studies. Here the influence of the Internet and the buying behaviour of people is studied specifically. Apart from his responsibilities as the eXQuo consultancy director and the professorship, his responsibilities also include: chairman of the Stichting Thuiswinkel Waarborgmerk and member of the advisory board of a variety of organisations.

Work experience

In the seventies, Cor was involved in administrative automation, but in the eighties, as manager at RAET computer services, he was introduced to the opportunities IT provided for marketing. Marketing information systems, database marketing, laser printing and marketing analyses were applications in which he specialised. He designed and was responsible for KLM Flying Dutchman program from 1989 until 1998.

In 1987 he continued his career at OGILVY&MATHER Dataconsult in Amsterdam, an autonomous branch of the advertisement agency Ogilvy&Mather. He became a member of the Worldwide Board of Directors of OgilvyOne. When he left the agency in 1998, this branch had more than 250 employees, and his clientèle included prominent organisations such as KLM, PHILIPS, KPN, Air Miles, Hewlett Packard and UNILEVER.
Next, he started his private strategy consultancy agency eXQuo consultancy in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands. This agency is specialised in strategy consultancy in the field of marketing, IT and organisation structuring. His many years of experience as well as academic research, implemented at the RSM / Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam are assets. Now he is involved in strategic assignments about future developments, disruption and competitive, customerbased opportunities. Besides companies he is also an adviser for city councils about shopping centers and retail opportunities.

He has published 25 books so far in Dutch. Some books are also published in Italy, English Hungarian and even Taiwan.

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